Friday, December 30, 2005

radio show playlist 29 december 2005

radio play list - 29 december 2005
after a couple of weeks of doing theme shows (john lennon & christmas music) and missing a week (15 december) i got back to doing a "regular" show
the first set of music was all from the shifty disco records ( mp3 download club from the past few weeks

artist - album - song

the race - shifty disco download - when it falls (live)
the race - shifty disco download - amersham road (live)
christine # 1 - shifty disco download - under the rain
seagull strange - shifty disco download - jack is back
parcourse - shifty disco download - take these planes away
parcourse - shifty disco download - niteclub
shirley-jane - shifty disco download - don't look down

another 1000 miles - betweem wheels - to climb
another 1000 miles - between wheels - winter palace
mike trebilcock - shield millions - snow angek blues
ry cooder - chavez ravine - chinto chinto
the band - a musical history - honky tonk
the band - a musical history - bacon fat

the upsetter - arkology - vibrator
kiss me deadlys - misty medoly - dance 1
sigur ros - takk - milano
slowstar - shifty disco mp3 download - out into space

sailboats are white - turbo ! - let's set up north on fire
hamiltron - demo disc - tell the divers michael corleone says hello
the schla la las - the schla demos - hawaiin
kristy mac coll - titanic days - big boy on a saturday night

holy fuck - holy fuck - korock
biffy clyro - truck 8 - ... and with the scissor kick is victorious

introduction to the for your pleasure radio blog

greetings !

i host a weekly radio show called for your pleasure (named after the second roxy music album)
on cfmu fm 93.3 (

the show airs on thurday evenings from 6:00 - 8:00 pm eastern
i play mix of rock 'n' roll, country, blues, punk, reggae and electronic music from independent and major label artists.

the purpose of this blog will be to post the artists & songs i play on the show each week. i'll also include web links to artist sites.

for those who are on myspace i also have a page set up there (

cheers !