Thursday, January 19, 2006

radio show playlist 19 january 2006

here's what was played on the show this week

artist - album - song

calc - shifty disco mp3 download - the secretive show
the maynards - break out the make out - snake up breakup
the hoa hoas - flower flowers - going down
hugh cornwell/robert williams - nosferatu - mothra

david bowie - the buddha suburbia - the buddha of suburbia
the hummers - modern entrance - caribou queen
king tubby - essential dub - move out a babylon (version)
duke ellington - anatomy of a murder - main title/anatomy of a murder
colin linden - easin' back to tennessee - go back old devil

tell the divers - dinner plate - michael corleone says hello
hunter eves - unopened box - hindsight
frank black - the cult of ray - the marsist

laasko - shifty disco mp3 download - aussie girl
matthew barber - sweet nothing - the plea

ravi shanker - the sounds of india - sindhi-bhairavi

the who - who's next (deluxe edition) - young man's blues (live)
the schla la las - teh schla demos - up for it
screamin' black cadillacs - zombie night in canada volume 2 - i know
the royal crowns - after dark - big green bop
spizzenergi - john peel's festive 15 - where's captain kirk

captive state - truck 8 - alpha male


Blogger e-Lizabeth said...

YES!! hey Emmett, this is very, very cool - I'm glad you're blogging your playlists - it's so great for people like me who only ever get to listen to parts of your show - blog on!

9:11 PM  

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