Sunday, December 13, 2009

Radio Show Playlist - 10 December 2009

For Your Pleasure, Thursday 6 - 8 pm eastern, CFMU FM 93.3

Sorry, it's taken me a few days longer than normal to get this posted but here's the playlist from the show on Thursday 10 December.

Artist - Album - Song
Web Link (s)

John Lennon/The Dirty Mac - Rolling stones Rock And Roll Circus - Yer Blues
The Rolling Stones - Rolling Stones Rock And Roll Circus - Jumpin Jack Flash

Dustin Bentall Outfit - Six Shooter - Arizona
Cuff the Duke - Way Down Here - It's All A Blur
The British Columbians - The British Columbians - Hoodoo
Chore - The Coastaline Fire - Aloha

David Bowie - Station To Station - Wild Is The Wind
Public Image Ltd - Metal Box - Swan Lake
Flies Are Spies from Hell - Winter Tour - Wallow In Threat (live)

Kerosene Daydream - Oscillate - Always Here
The Infant Cycle - The Sand Rays - Red Mars Over Main W.

Julie Fader - Outside In - Maps
Assmble Head In Sunburst Sound - When Sweet Sleep Returned - Kolob Canyon
Johnny Marr & The Healers - Boomslang - Need It
Ossie All Stars - Leggo Dub - Winners Dub
Neko Case - Middle Cyclone - This Tornado Loves You

The Who - Rolling Stones Rock And Roll Circus - A Quick One While He's Away


Anonymous The British Columbians said...

Thanks for the support guys. We really appreciate it!
Dave from
The British Columbians

10:45 AM  

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