Thursday, February 21, 2013

Radio Show Playlist - 21 February 2013

For Your Pleasure, Thursday 6 - 8 pm eastern, CFMU FM 93.3

tonight's show featured the music of  Kevin Ayers
I encourage you to listen to Radio Free Rotman this Sunday at midnight on CFMU FM for more Kevin Ayers.
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Album - Song

Joy Of A Toy - Song For Insane Times
Odd  Ditties - Soon Soon Soon
Joy Of A Toy - The Lady Rachel

Shooting At The Moon - May I ?
Odd Ditties - Gemini Child
Shooting At The Moon - a)The Oyster And The Flying Fish
Shooting At The Moon - b)Underwater
Shooting At The Moon - c)Clarence In Wonderland
Shooting At The Moon - d)Red Green And You Blue
Odd Ditties- Puis-je ?

Odd Ditties - Butterfly Dance
Whatevershebringswesing - Whatevershebringswesing

The Confessions Of Dr Dream And Other Stories - The Confessions Of Doctor Dream
Part 1 Irreversible Neural Damage
Part 2 Invitation
Part 3 The One Chance Dance
Part 4 Dr Dream Theme

Odd Ditties - Stranger In The Blue Suede Shoes
Sweet Deceiver - Guru Banana
Odd Ditties - Fake Mexican Tourist Blues
Odd Ditties - Take Me To Tahiti
Yes We Have No Mananas, So Get Your Mananas Today - Falling In Love Again

Still Life With Guitar - I Don't Depend On You
Still Life With Guitar - When Your Parents Go To Sleep
The Unfairground - Run Run Run


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