Thursday, February 09, 2006

radio show playlist 9 february 2006

greetings here's what was played on 'for your pleasure' this week
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artist - album - song
web links

super deluxe - shifty disco mp3 download -knockout
the tourettes - shifty disco mp3 download - about you
the tourettes - shifty disco mp3 download - nightfall
young and sexy - panic when you find it - conventional lullabies
caribou - marino audio - the snowcapes

fela ransome kuti/ginger baker - live ! - ye ye de smell
the kemiknows - greatest hits - waterfall
tommy keene - the who covered * - tattoo
* free cd with february 2006 issue of mojo magazine

old man luedecke - hinterland - salute to gold river
david wall - the spell i was under - set your sails
billy bragg - must i paint you a picture ? - walk away renee
lee perry - arkology - dreadlocks in the moonlight

slow hand motem - dinner plate - meander
from fiction - bloodwork - quagmire

dd/mm/yyyy - the blue screen of death - welcome to the fortress of the fluffy love cloud
building castles out matchsticks - studios and airplanes - whne winter is gone and spring comes back my world will be green again

public image limited - metal box - no birds
swearing at motorists - last night becomes this morning - northern line
rick moranis - the agoraphobic cowboy - wheaties box
ronnie hawkins and the hawks - the band a musical history - nineteen years old

paul weller - as is now - blink and you'll miss it


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