Saturday, April 29, 2006

radio show playlist 27 april 2006

a strange show this past week - i wasn't feeling inspired or very into it, could of been that i'm trying to fight a cold or i really needed some caffeine (or both). anyways, here's what went out over the airwaves this past week.

artist - album - song
web link

monster bobby - shfty disco mp3 download - heaven hides nothing
dub rifles - dub rifles - stand
the d'ubervilles - the d'ubervilles - spin the bottle
clothes make the man - clothes make the man - let it go

johnny cash (with joe strummer) - unchained - redemption song
johnny cash - unchained - wichita lineman
johnny cash (with nick cave) - unchained - cindy
johnny cash - unchained - big iron
johnny cash - unchained - salty dog
johnny cash (with glen campbell) - unchained - gentle on my mind

roy budd - the score * - get carter
* cd free with june 2002 issue of mojo magazine
the field register - tire & caster - lines
scott walker - bring it on home ** - farmer in the city
** cd free with may 2005 issue of uncut magazine
jorge ben - brazil classics 1 - ponta de lanca (umbabarauma)

kate bush - aerial - a sky of honey

the responsibles - class action suit - bitter irony
hamell on trial - songs for parents who enjoy drugs - values


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