Saturday, March 11, 2006

radio show playlist 9 march 2006

greetings :

first - i apologize there wasn't i posting last week, but i didn't do the show on march 2. i cancelled out at the last minute, some overtime became availible at work and i opted to earn some extra cash.

second - this week's show wasn't the usual fare. there was more talk and less rock. it was fundraising week - it'll be back to "normal" on 16 march.

artist - album - title
web link (s)

paperlung - shifty disco mp3 download - the days that god sold you
toshack highway - birdsong ep (part 2) - birdsong (moonshiner version)
toshack highway - birdsong ep (part 2) - theme from lsd (baroque version)

the responsibles - class action suit - dub all night
french toast - bugman ep - skull -head

neko case - fox confessor brings the flood - the needle has landed
david bowie - earthling in the city - seven years in tibet (mandarin version)

hellbound 71 - 3 weeks ago on sunday - hot rod cadillac
sam cooke - the man and his music - somebody have mercy

chore - the coastaline fire - aloha
eric spear - always look on the bright side of lfie cd single - theme from coronation street
talking heads - 77 - psycho killer (acoustic version)

pettit project - 6 week sumer vacation in hell - nyc
tell the divers - dinner plate - michael corleone says hello

plan b - new music 2006 * - sick2 def (acoustic)
* free cd with february 2006 issue of uncut magazine


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