Sunday, June 30, 2013

Music for Canada Day from Hamilton

For Your Pleasure, Thursday 6 - 8 pm eastern, CFMU FM 93.3

I've been really negligent in posting the playlist for the radio show the past few weeks, so I apologize to those of you who actually read this thing and to the bands & artists who names will not show up in a internet search because I've played them on the radio show. I'll try my best to start blogging the playlist again this week (4 July).

Canada Day is upon us and many like to celebrate by listening to Canadian music. When people think of music from Canada they have a tendency to think of Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, The Band, Rush, and other popular "major" acts.That got me to thinking about putting together a list of about 20 musicians who,perhaps, are not as known on an international or national level. I started of with a few "active" bands from Hamilton and soon had a list of 20 all from Hamilton.

So here is my list of 20 presented in alphabetical order with the relevant web site links.
 Please feel free to add to the list in the comments section.

2X the Mono

Afternoons In Stereo

Canadian Winter

The Caretakers

Cootes Leland

The Dinner Belles


Harlan Pepper

Illusion Avenue

Lee Harvey Osmond

Magic Shadows

The Monarch Project

Monster Truck


Dave Rave

The Responsibles

Simply Saucer

Steve Strongman




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