Sunday, May 14, 2006

radio show playlist 11 may 2006

after saying on air during the show thursday night that i was going to get the playlists posted thursday night when i got home here i am sunday night typing this - so much for that "promise" !

next bit of business - there wasn't a show on 4 may - and the radio show may come to an end in the next couple of months. there are a number of reasons for this starting with that i'm finding it increasingly difficult to get motivated/inspired to do the program.
i do appreciate the calls and emails i get telling me that people are enjoying the show even when i think it's been shit.

anyways ... here's what i played on the show show this past week

for your pleasure thursday 18:00 - 20:00 hrs eastern cfmu fm 93.3

artist - album - song
web link (s)

wire jesus - shofty disco mp3 download - another day
neil young - living with war - living with war
stephen fearing - yellow jacket - the man who married music
neko case - the virginian - thanks a lot
johnny cash - walk the line - you win again

french toast - in a cave - insane
tom wilson - dog years - 3 am
think about life - think about life - serious chords
cassette for cassette - truck 8 - the loneliness of a long distance runner
brian eno - taking tiger mountain (by strategy) - the true wheel
turnstiles - 13 telephone towers - 13 telephone towers

hamell on trial - songs for paents who enjoy drugs - mommy's not talking today
swearing at motorists - last night becomes this morning - slave to the kettle
the responsibles - class action suit - i'm afraid
dead kennedys - hail to the king * - viva las vegas
* free cd with may 2006 issue of mojo magazine

white noise ensemble - jai vu le long routes desolees des carcasses de chameaux blanchir - galileo
white noise ensemble - jai vu le long routes desolees des carcasses de chameaux blanchir - democracy & despotism

king tubby & the aggrovators - don letts presents the mighty trojan sound - i trim the barber
watermelon slim & the workers - watermelon slim & the workers - frisco blues
yoshida brothers - III - overland blues
paul weller - as is now - bring back the funk (parts I & II)

tell the divers - a knife is always a good plan b - part 5


Blogger FreeThinker said...

I dig Neil Young, and I dig Living With War. I just wrote a review on my blog.



12:35 AM  

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